Kantaben and Kate at Cotton Clouds 2019

Update: autumn 2019

Now the rain is coming down and the temperatures have dropped, it’s quite nice to have a breather and take stock – as The Vale has been a hive of activity all summer.

From painting parties to rehearsals to summer schools to training programmes, we’ve had all sorts of people beavering away on all sorts of projects under our roof. New puppets and costumes have been made, new compositions have been premiered, and now we’re very much looking forward to the future.

Our plans for the redevelopment of The Vale are coming along nicely, and we hope the initial phase one work to be underway shortly, once the final Ts are crossed and Is dotted.

There’s some fundraising still to be done, though, if we’re to realise our full vision for the project, and surveys and focus groups have recently taken place to understand how local people might want to be involved. We’ll keep you updated on developments, of course.

In the meantime, enjoy that back-to-school feeling this time of year brings and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon.