Northern Carnival Centre of Excellence…here we come!

We’re very pleased to announce, we have now officially started our Capital project!

Contractors are on site, walls are coming down, and work is officially underway to transform The Vale into the Carnival Centre of Excellence in the North!
It’s been quite the journey to this point of building work commencing in our venue, and we are so excited to see our new fit for purpose facilities come together over the coming months, accompanied by an incredible new programme for our community and beyond.

Here’s a couple of ‘before’ shots on site this week!


We can already see the potential of each space now that internal walls and debris are being cleared. What an exciting time in the history of The Vale!


Over the coming months you can look forward to seeing the completion of:

– a brand new shiny venue complete with research and development facilities for artists, groups, and the whole community to enjoy.
– purpose built visual arts facilities that are fully accessible.
– live and internet-streamed music, cinema, theatre, and dance events.
– revamped outdoor spaces and artist facilities on site.
– a project crew of young artists aged 16-21 installing and delivering their own work in the venue. (Head to to find out how you can be involved and apply. Deadline 1st Feb)


We’re committed to ensuring that our development plans are aligned with the needs and ambitions of our local artists community. We’ll keep you updated on our progress as walls come down and go up, in the mean time if you wanted to have your say in how the venue is used within your community, You can join our Vale Stakeholders group here!


A massive thank you to everyone whose helped us to get this far. Stay tuned for more updates (and images of skips!)