Eraldo de Sa Marques

Musician, arts manager, performer

Eraldo joined Global Grooves and The Vale team following a series of collaborative workshops delivered by Meninos do Morumbi. Born in Brazil, Eraldo brings a cheery, grounded energy to our often hectic and exciting schedule of events!

Eraldo’s childhood beginnings within the percussion scene (with Meninos do Morumbi – São Paulo, Brazil) have provided him with a real love and understanding of the power of youth participation in the arts. As well as coordinating, administrating, and delivering musical content within Global Grooves and Bangdrum Workshops programmes since 2004, he has inspired a host of UK tutors with his knowledge and almost serene approach to workshop leading. Eraldo has aided the development of a number of Northwest percussion and dance groups including Meninos Oldham and Grupo SambAfriq, and regularly performs with ensemble groups around the world.

  • Location: Manchester / São Paulo, Brazil