Join the Emmaus Mossley – Carnival Band

Celebrating 25 years of Emmaus Mossley

25 Drummers | 25 Dancers | 25 Brass & Reeds Players

Save the date and join us for a big community celebration and charity sale to mark the 25th anniversary of Emmaus Mossley.

This year we’ll be celebrating our Silver Jubilee with a birthday bonanza of epic proportions! Join us on Saturday 12 November for the Emmaus Mossley 25th Birthday Carnival.

Get together with your family, friends and fellow Emmaus supporters for a fun-filled day of celebration, live music, dance, performance, food, birthday cake and treasure hunting. We’re making plans for what we hope will be the biggest event in Emmaus Mossley’s 25-year history and you’re invited to be a part of it.


Join our carnival


To help us celebrate in style, we’ve teamed up with our friends and carnival experts Global Grooves, based at The Vale in Mossley. We’re working together to assemble an extra special carnival band to help unite our community and make Emmaus Mossley’s 25th birthday one to remember.


We’re currently recruiting a community cast of 75 performers who will have the chance to work with expert carnival artists to develop a new piece of music and dance as a centrepiece to the day’s celebrations. There’s a place for everyone, weather you’re a seasoned performer or completely new to making music and dancing.


How to get involved


We need 25 drummers, 25 dancers and 25 brass and reed players who will work together with Global Grooves over two rehearsals at The Vale in early September. No previous experience is necessary to take part but we also welcome accomplished performers.


Taking part in the carnival is completely free for all participants and places are limited to 25 per section. You will be guided through structured, accessible and fun rehearsals to learn how to put together a carnival presentation. The workshops and performances are suitable for 13yrs plus*. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.  *Younger participants may be able to access this if they have previous experience.


Find out more and register to join a section of the carnival today via the Global Grooves website here: