Hire | Sewing Room

This studio has been specially designed as the heartbeat of our Carnival Centre of Excellence and has everything needed for textiles based projects both large and small. With it’s floor to ceiling window its also a fabulous, creative and somewhat unusual space for meetings and project planning.

Hire | The Vale

Hire Us Venue Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3 Sewing Room Hire The Vale! We want The Vale to be full-to-bursting with exciting events and happenings. All of our spaces [...]

Hire | Studio Three

A large light space with a ceiling to floor partition curtain makes Studio 3 highly adaptable to offer privacy for dance or sensitive workshops, or transform the space into a performance, rehearsal or photography studio. Our large carnival puppets also call this space home, so it’s alive with creativity, bringing some carnival flair to your event backdrop.

Hire | Studio Two

Ideal for woodwork, metal work and getting messy with all manner of materials. It offers a large space, 72ms sq for all kinds of creativity, it has storage for makers’ equipment, good natural light, a large extractor to keep the air ventilated, opening windows, and a host of machinery and tools.

Hire | Studio One

This bright and airy Studio is our most versatile space. It boasts a large kitchenette with access to fridge-freezer, toaster, oven, hob, induction hob and a kettle, with a space for breakouts or one to ones within the studio.

Hire | Venue

The Venue sees world famous musicians walk its stage, independent & blockbuster films on its screen, and now it’s available for you to hire. Whether it’s a community film screening or a yoga class, this versatile space is here to be.