Calling all performers / poets / musicians

Open Mic Opportunity

Rise! are looking for local performers, poets, musicians and creative’s who’d like to join them for their upcoming gig at The Vale on 19thMay.


Rise! are opening the door to anyone who uses narrative storytelling in their work. They invite you to perform at their show alongside other local acts across a range of disciplines.


‘We take the audience on a stirring and inspiring journey through a multi-lingual culture of social commentary and resistance – will you join us?’


Please email [email protected] to tell us your ideas and express your interest.


RISE! are a new six-piece band built around the beautiful alto voice of Greek singer Iris Mavraki. RISE! explores and celebrates the idea of the epic narrative song, drawing on traditions ranging from Turkey to the Americas and Northern Italy to Russia.


Date:Saturday 19th May

Time:Doors open 7.30pm, sound check in afternoon.

Click here to get your ticket to see Rise!