Our Friends from Businesses

We want to make 100 Friends of The Vale. What number will your business be?

Our team have 20+ years of experience in understanding the individual needs of partnerships between creative organisations and corporate partnerships.

With support from our Friends from Businesses, we can ensure that our offer is the best it possibly can be for our creative community, as well as the thousands of other visitors and users that we anticipate enjoying our space.

Your staff team could be a part of it too! Book our brand new, intimate venue with fully stocked bar for your next company event, with extras available such as team building workshops, cinema screenings, Carnival showcases and more. Not only would your staff be thrilled by the incredible experience, but the event would go on to fund activities at The Vale for our communities.

We also welcome donated items and expertise. There are no limits to the number of ways that you could support us, and we’d love to chat more about how we can work together. Or if you wanted to see how individual members can contribute, check out our Individual Friends offer here.

Let’s be friends!